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Last updated October 7, 2017

Video Game Boards

The status of the boards labelled as NOS - because we thought the box was sealed - was not always accurate. Many boxes labelled as NOS were previously opened. The boards (called NOS) all look to be excellent condition, and have sat in storage since 1982.

Note: we are asking a minimum of $200US per board set tested, XY boards start at $250US, burned in and thus working. Separate prices coming soon. I really am not interested in selling for less.

Board prices are in tested and working condition.

Note that there is NO warranty expressed or implied on these boards once they leave our shop! PRICES IN USD.


Price Name Style NOS
$400 720 Degrees    
$400 Anti-Aircraft   NOS
$250 Arabian    
$550 (used $350) Asteroids B&W XY NOS
$400 used Asteroids Deluxe B&W XY  
$300 Baseball    
$300 Basketball B&W  
$500 (used $250) Centipede Vert NOS
$300 Crash & Score B&W Hor  
$300 Destroyer B&W  
$200 Dig Dug    
$400 Drag Race B&W  
$400 (used $300) Dominos   NOS
$300 Escape From Planet of Robot Monsters    
$200 F-1 Score Display Board    
$650 (used $350) Football - 2 player B&W H NOS
$350 Formula K B&W H  
$500 Goal IV B&W NOS
$350 Gran Trak 20 B&W  
Inquire INDY 800 - Octo Coin, Octo Sync, Indy 800 power Supply, car board x3, Score, RT8 power supply Unable to test  
$350 Jet Fighter B&W  
$200 Kangaroo    
$1500 Major Havoc - Kit version but can be made to work with roller controller.    
$450 Middle Earth - pinball   NOS
$250 Millipede    
$500 Missile Command   NOS
$250 Monte Carlo   NOS
$700 Red Baron XY NOS
$300 Qwak    
$350 Skull And Crossbones    
$300 Sky Raider    
$300 Space Duel    
$450 Space Rider - pinball   NOS
$300 Sprint    
$550 (used $250) Sprint II   NOS
$500 (used) Sprint IV (Sprint 4)    
$500 (used $250) Starship I   NOS
$350 Soccer    
$350 Subs   NOS
$300 Super Breakout    
$300 Superman pinball I/O only   NOS
$350 Tank II    
$200 Thunder Jaws (not Shark Jaws)    
$700 ($400 for used) Tempest - for the NOS Tempest PCB we only have main board, no sub-board (Math board). XY NOS
$300 Twin Racer NOS
$400 (used $250) Video Pinball NOS
$250 Xybots  
$350 used Warlords  


  Name Style  
$300 Circus    
$300 TV Pinball    
$300 Spectar    
$350 Bandido    
$300 Targ    
$500 Rip Cord   NOS


  Name Style  
$400 Table Tennis   NOS


  Name Style  
$300US Bullet Mark - 1976 - untested    


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