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Backglasses: last edited February 1, 2021

For enquiries about or to purchase backglasses please email parts at flippers dot com.

These back glasses are rated from 1 to 10 - note that (10) is perfect-NOS. Thus a (9) would be tiny scratches (if any) - (8) would be slight flaking - (7) starting to loose paint - (6) dime sized hole (2cm hole) - (5) a few of those holes - (4) hmmm do I want this on my game? - (3) yuck why are you saving this? - (2) quick throw this in the dumpster before someone sees it - and (1) a nice piece of glass that with a little cleaning would look fine as a window.

To find if your glass is here use "Command - F" on OS-X to open the page search window (search bar on Firefox), and "Control - F" on that other major operating system to do similar.

Long list of backglasses - many are NOS packed in their factory crates/boxes!

SHIPPING (Express Post International - Traceable, but glass is not insurable) to Canada or the US is $100-$150 (depending on what state) for most of the glass below - oversize (cocktail, and other larger) glass will be more. Packing now consists of wrapping the glass in large bubble pack - 3 layers each direction total almost 6 inches bubble pack including glass - then putting into a specially designed double box made of double thick corrugated cardboard!

AUSTRALIANS! - We can ship to AU, however Panalpina Air freight costs close to $300US from our shop to Melbourne/Sydney/? International Airport - however you would have to arrange customs clearance, me for details. Note that shipping by Post is closer to $450US!!!

NOS GLASS costs from $250US - $450US, with all prices in USD. Plexiglas or glass monitor bezels are $50 - $125.

USED GLASS costs from $50 - $300 depending on condition.

We can send you a picture of the glass if not shown here.

How we pack the glass for safe transport...

Glass that are not on the above list:

New Gottlieb glass can be purchased from Shay Arcade Group
You can also try Mayfair Amusement
Please do not ask me for any glass not listed above - if it is not there then I do NOT have it. Really. we don't! I get three or four requests a week for backglasses that I do not have. Please don't waste both of our time.

(jrr-at-flippers-dot-com for those who do not have their browser set to open their email client)
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