Misc Parts

This is where the generic parts are found - common to many games, like coin accepters, nuts & bolts, rubber rings...

5V Power Supply


$350.00 USD

5V Power Supply - WY-15C1

Power Supply: +5V 15A, +12V 4A, -5V 1A, 100-120/220-240V~50-60HZ 2.2A This power supply IS RoHS ..

$50.00 USD

60 in 1 Vertical Jamma Board

Play many classic arcade games on your Jamma setup! Games include: 1942..

$99.95 USD

8-Track Tape Head Demagnatizer & Cleaner

New Old Stock Magicare 8Track cartridge demagnatizer and tape head cleaner. Made in the USA by R..

$49.95 USD

Cooling Tower Set

Red cooling towers for Simpsons Pinball This complete set is very difficult to find anywhere els..

$99.95 USD

Reduction Gear

Timing motor 1st reduction gear, used in Multi-Products(?) gear motors...fiber gear (62T) is 1.75", ..

$49.95 USD

Switching Power Supply +5 +12 -5

Switching power supply, great for Allied Leisure/Eros/Fascination cocktail or full size pinball game..

$46.95 USD

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