Nutting Associates

Computer Quiz, Computer Space, and more!

12in. Board

Computer Quiz PCB..

$75.50 USD

12V Relay-Computer Quiz


$25.00 USD

3/25 cents Coin Slot Cover

Computer Quiz..

$62.50 USD

Answer Buttons A thru E

Computer Quiz, set of 5..

$100.00 USD

Answer Comparator PC Board

Computer Quiz PCB..

$79.50 USD

BTD 0220 Transistor


$44.00 USD



$5.00 USD

Button Switch

Computer Space & Computer Quiz..

$75.00 USD

Category Switch Bank

Computer Quiz..

$75.00 USD

Circuit Board


$500.00 USD

Clutch Assembly

Computer Quiz..

$100.00 USD

Coil Computer Quiz


$65.00 USD

Coin Door Instruction Sticker

Astro computer..

$12.50 USD

Coin Mech. Frame

Computer Space..

$250.00 USD

Coin Switch w/Trip Wire

Computer Space and many other games.....

$25.00 USD

Control Cover Plate

Ricochet video game..

$20.00 USD

Control Panel Housing

Nutting video game control..

$75.00 USD

Display board Computer Quiz

Board Assembly without Tubes..

$150.00 USD

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