Bio-Rhythm & Astrology Games

For-Play, Compunetics, and Destron parts for Bio-Rhythm coin operated games.

Click here for PDF of the Compunetic Bio-Rhythm III Operators Manual with parts in PDF format.

Astrology Card Roll

New Old Stock (NOS) card roll stock for Destron's Astrology game. We have a number of these so c..

$24.95 USD

Astrology Membrane Switch

New Old Stock factory original replacement membrane switch assembly for Astrology by Destron..

$150.00 USD

Bio-Rhythm Membrane Switch

New Old Stock membrane switch for Destron's Bio-Rhythm game..

$45.00 USD

BioRhythm 5 Rolls of Paper & cartridges

New Old Stock case of 5 rolls of paper for Bio-Rhythm games, has at least 2000 cards per roll. Shoul..

$125.00 USD

BioRhythm Roll of Paper

New Old Stock roll of paper for Bio-Rhythm games, has at least 2000 cards. Should also work for Dest..

$24.95 USD

Coin Guide Upgrade

This was an upgrade part for the original For-Play BIO-RHYTHM game to stop coins from jumpong out of..

$25.00 USD

Cutter shaft

Cutter bar for Bio-Rhythm, 11-1/4 inches long...

$15.00 USD

Display for Astrology

New Old Stock replacement display for Destron's Astrology game...

$200.00 USD



$25.00 USD

Master Program IC


$75.00 USD


115VAC, 60Hz, 10RPM, CW (Clockwise)..

$80.00 USD

Motor Ribbon Advance with gear

Assy, Motor, Ribbon Drive..

$90.00 USD

Paper Roll Dowel

Wood dowel for paper roll..

$25.00 USD

Pen Block

Nylon block that holds the pen.....

$40.00 USD

Pen motor

Pen stepper motor for Bio-Rhythm and Astrology machines...

$95.00 USD

Pen String and eyelets

Assy., belt, Pen Drive..

$10.00 USD



$45.00 USD

Pin solenoid assembly


$75.00 USD

Pinch Assy


$75.00 USD

Print Head complete assy

New Old Stock print head, complete..

$300.00 USD

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