Atari Pinball

Pinball parts for Atari games from Atarians to Hercules.

All are NOS unless otherwise mentioned. Also check under Video Game Parts until I separate the parts into Arcade, Pinball, and Video games.

Preliminary parts catalog for Atarians, Time 2000, and Airborne Avenger.(click to download)

Blue Thumper bumper Cap

Used pop thumper bumper cap for Atari Pinball games..

$9.95 USD

Display Harness

Made to spec. gas discharge display ribbon connector cable with end pieces. If yours are loose or th..

$34.95 USD

Flipper cabinet switch

While we don't have any stock on this cabinet switch you can replace it by using a Williams 10A-48 c..

$0.00 USD

Flipper Shell

Plastic flipper shell (3 inch) used in: Atari - 004725-01 Bally - C611-5..

$5.95 USD

Flipper Shell (motor flippers)

Modified Flipper shell used in: The Atarians Time 2000 Airborne Avenger Th..

$7.95 USD

Red Thumper Bumper Cap

Red Atari Pop bumper NOS..

$19.95 USD

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