Nutting Associates

Parts for Nutting games both video such as Computer Space, and Space Ball, and EM games such as Computer Quiz and others.

2 Player Control Panel Plate Computer Space Reproduction

A reproduction two player control panel, laser cut, anodized, with the artwork oven baked epoxy pain..

$250.00 USD

2 Player Power Supply w/over voltage protection

TwoPlayer 5VDC power supply..

$750.00 USD

2 player push button switch

2 player Computer Space Red push button..

$97.50 USD

Blank White Button

Computer Space Button NLA. Have to make more of these!..

$0.00 USD

Boot Guard Adapter Plate for TPCS

Protects one joystick for the Nutting Two Player Computer Space, keeps the rubber from overstretchin..

$25.00 USD

Cash Box Frame Computer Space

Newly made to the same dimensions as the original - this is a replacement cash box frame for Nutting..

$195.00 USD

Chime Assembly


$45.00 USD

Coin Entry Chute

Computer Space..

$75.00 USD

Coin Mech Frame


$250.00 USD

Coin Reject Pin

Reproduction coin return push button...fits 2 player Computer Space!..

$44.95 USD

Computer Space Fan


$250.00 USD

Control Panel Housing


$0.00 USD

Control Panel Plate Computer Space

Single player control panel. New Old Stock, not reproduction. All gone now.....

$395.00 USD



$25.00 USD



$25.00 USD


Sticky decal for inside of shroud - 1 (single) player version. Same size and artwork as original. ..

$10.00 USD


Sikscreened reproduction of the original control panel plexiglass. This has the fonts and colours al..

$94.95 USD


Sikscreened reproduction of the original instruction panel, same colours, artwork, and layout...

$25.00 USD


Sticky score decal for two player version of Computer Space (Green cabinets mostly). Same size and a..

$10.00 USD

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