A variety of useful repair tools.

Contact File

Handy file for intermediate contact repair, crosscut style. Great for flipper cabinet or EOS (End Of..

$7.95 USD

Crimper, General Purpose - 14 to 24 AWG

Economical "B" Type Crimper For all contacts except 0.062" "B" type insulation crimps in following..

$33.95 USD

Crimper, General Purpose - 16 to 30 AWG

Economical "B" Type Crimper For all contacts "B" type insulation crimps in following cavities: A..

$29.95 USD

Double ended switch blade bender

Very handy tool for repairing EM (Electro-Mechanical) and SS (Solid State) pinball, jukebox and arca..

$11.95 USD

Flexstone course abrasive

Handy flexible abrasive strip for getting those pitted contacts smoother. 1st step in very rough con..

$5.95 USD

GC Electronics Burnishing Tool

  Large Contact Burnisher in display mounting. Ask for the blade to be removed if you want reall..

$7.95 USD

Ink Eraser for polishing circuit boards (PCBs)

The perfect tool for your kit - the ink side (blue) is just abrasive enough to remove all the crud f..

$2.95 USD

P.K. Neuses Burnishing Pencil Tool

Handy and practical, with pocket clip and magazine of five extra blades. Blades fit into chuck at en..

$27.95 USD

P.K. Neuses Burnishing Tool

Heavy duty type with 33% greater contact burnishing area. Blade is 1/4" (6.00 mm) wide, .010" (.255 ..

$7.95 USD

Round eraser for lamp sockets

Handy tool to polish the inside contact pin of lamp sockets, as well as the inside of the lamp socke..

$11.95 USD

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