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  • Addams Family Ramp

STATUS: Only a few original Addams Family machines produced were fortunate to have the clear ramp installed. Until now, the only replacements were the hazy smoked ramps. Now exclusively from Starship Fantasy. a thicker and stronger clear ramp is finally available. They introduced the clear ramp on a Addams Family machine at the Chicago Pinball Expo show and here are some of the comments they received:

"Wow! I can't believe how much brighter the playfield looks."
"You can really see the ball coming around to the thumper bumpers."
"...why did they even make that smoked ramp anyway"?
"looks absolutely fantastic...are you going to make one for the Twilight Zone"? (yes they have)

This gorgeous clear ramp is guaranteed to improve the look of your Addams Family pinball machine.

Ramp includes entrance flap, decals and lamp sockets.


  • A-15047 ramp assembly
  • 03-8636 ramp plastic
  • A-03-8363 ramp plastic

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Addams Family Ramp

  • For or Manufactured by: Starship Fantasy
  • Part Number: A-15047
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $169.00 USD