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A few Rare Transistors and IC's - special pinball/video game stock items...

Updated March 13, 2014

These are New Old Stock unless otherwise indicated. 

Please add $10US for postage and handling (USA/Canada) for 1 to ten IC's, call us for bulk pricing shipment costs.

  • 2107 / 9107 RAM as used in Midway Space Invaders, etc. $10US
  • NSDU45 (TO-220 without a tab) New Old Stock, from National Semiconductor (replaces MPS-U45 / MPSU45 transistor) used as Gottlieb pinball lamp driver $14.95US each.
  • TMS9928A video IC's as used on Granny & the Gators as well as Baby Pacman order by clicking here
  • DAC80 - $25US
  • 4164 Ram 250ns order here
  • 41464 Ram $1.00US (10 minimum order)
  • CD4508 $5US
  • CD4514 $5US
  • Teledyne TSC7106CPL 40 pin dip package...(8 in stock) - $10US
  • Analog Devices - AD7008JP50 - "Numerically Controlled Oscillator Employing a 32-Bit Phase Accumulator, Sine and Cosine Look-Up Tables and a 10-Bit DAC, CMOS" $15US each (24 in stock) (AD7008 surface mount)
Please note that these are ALL the special devices we have, if it isn't listed then we don't have it. Sorry.

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