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Movie, TV, Party Rental, and Advertising Photographic Props

Last updated May 7, 2024 all rights reserved...

Party or Production Rentals in the Vancouver, BC area

Pinballs, Jukeboxes, and Video Games are all available for both prop rentals or parties held in the lower mainland. Rates from $300, the Rowe 100 45s bubbler jukebox starts at $350 for a rental. Canadian dollars for rentals only, taxes extra.

Below are a number of the productions and films/TV shows that we have provided props for since the late 80's. The pictures below are some of our on-hand props with the year they were made

Rowe Bubbler jukebox

AMI-Music wallbox
AMI-Music x 3

Prop-Seeburg-wallbox.jpg (32343 bytes)
Seeburg-200 x 7

Claw game prop

Claw/Crane working prop

NSM Prop rental
NSM Prestige
1953 Cigarette Machine
1953 Cigarette Machine
Wurlitzer wallbox - green buttons
Wurlitzer Green Buttons x 8
Wurlitzer wallbox red buttons
Wurlitzer Red Buttons x 9

Rowe "Bubbler" jukebox
45 RPM records -1998-1990
Film/TV Rental features: Turn on/off - Turntable, Bubbles, Colour Cylinders

Various "Restaurant Wall-Boxes/Cafe Booth Boxes" 1950s
Lighting up is optional.

Full size stand up Crane/Claw machine. Generic finish.

NSM Prestige/Consul - 1973
Film/TV Rental features: Only lights up

Typical 50s cigarette machine
1600-sold Pioneer LaserJuke
Seeburg CD-Silver 1988 (2 sets)
Film/TV Rental features: lights up
Rowe/AMI - MM1 - 1965
Film/TV Rental features: lights up
Wurlitzer 1600 - 1953
Film/TV Rental features: lights up (SOLD)
Pioneer LaserJuke ~ 1992
Film/TV Rental features: lights up, selection titles rotate.

Gum Ball - 1970s?

15"D x 10"W x 43"H

Telephone Exchange Telephone exchange      
a 1960/1970s PBX telephone exchange used in businesses of the period this has a rotary dial and plugs on wires to make the 'connection'      
Various games used in TV shows and movies, rented (or bought) from us - over the years.
Game Feature or TV Show set (if known) year used
Wurlitzer - 8 x green button wallbox Big Sky 1 North Prod. Inc Big Sky -Interior Diner Sept, 2020
Wurlitzer - 9 x red button & 1 green button wallbox, and coin entry assy. To All The Boys I've Loved   Aug, 2020
AMI - JBH-120 jukebox The Capital Media Co. Inc. Event - Grand & Toy July, 2020
Covid-19, 2020
Gamatron pinball Water Closet Pictures Inc. Breaking The Ice (Hallmark) Feb, 2020
Seeburg - 4 wallboxes Lucy Park Prod. Ltd.   Jan, 2020
Rockola 1454 jukebox Supernatural 19/20 series   Nov, 2019
Gamatron and Gottlieb - Abra-Cadabra pinballs FFL Prod. Inc. Firefly Lane Dec, 2019
Rowe - RB-1 bubbler style jukebox Silver Strand Prod. DC Legends - Sorority house set Nov, 2019
Rockola - 1454 jukebox Supernatural 5 Prod. Supernatural Nov & Dec, 2019
Gamatron pinball Water Towers Prod. Flash Nov, 2019
Johns Jukes - Kanga, Zero Fighter, and Sega Outrun video games Circle Prod. Spectrum commercial Oct, 2019
Rowe - RB-1 bubbler style jukebox The Good Doctor S03-E10 - Wyoming Bar Oct, 2019
Rowe - RB-1 bubbler style jukebox Stage 49 Ltd Close Up - TV pilot Oct, 2019
Seeburg - SE160 jukebox Supernatural 5 Prod. Supernatural Oct, 2019
Atari - Toobin video game Shadow Lake Prod. Riverdale Sept to April 2020
JohnsJukes - Kanga and Tankers video games Shadow Lake Prod. Riverdale Sept, 2019
Rowe - CD-100D jukebox Sacred Lives 2 Can. Inc. Sacred Lives Aug, 2019
Seeburg - LS100 jukebox Renshaw Prod. Services Inc. Batwoman S01 Aug, 2019
Seeburg - UC1 jukebox, 7 x wallboxes, Wurlitzer - 7 x green button wallboxes Bushy Tail Prod. Pushpin July, 2019
AMI - 3 x AMI MUSIC and Wurlitzer 1 x red button wallboxes Beverly Prod. 90210 July, 2019
Wurlitzer - 9 x red button wallboxes, coin entry assembly, 1 x green button wallbox To All The Boys Prod.   July, 2019
Wurlitzer - 3 x green button wallboxes Shadow Lake Prods Riverdale S04 July, 2019
NSM - Prestige jukebox, Atari - Centipede video game, Bally - Fireball home pinball Farewell Prod. Ltd. (Calgary) Rust City July, 2019
Wurlitzer - 3700 Americana jukebox, 3 x "AMI MUSIC" and 1 Wurlitzer red button wall boxes. Beverly Prod. 90210 June, 2019
Stern - Gamatron and another pinball Event - PNE Breakout Festival   June, 2019
Seeburg - 7 x '200' wallboxes Wind Fallen Prod. Inc.   May, 2019
Wurlitzer - 3700 American jukebox 3 x red button wallboxes, AMI - wallbox "AMI MUSIC" Beverly Prod. 90210 May, 2019
Seeburg - DS160 jukebox You Me Her Prod BC Inc. Townie Bar set May, 2019
Crane game and coin acceptor assy for photo booth Means of Production McDonalds ad May, 2019
Wurlitzer - 5 wallboxes To All The Boys Prod.   Apr, 2019
Rowe - RB-8 bubbler style jukebox, Wurlitzer - wallbox, AMI - JBH-120 jukebox GEP Prod. Inc. Psch 2 The Movie Apr, 2019
Seeburg - DS160 jukebox Marathon Park Prod. Ink Apr, 2019
Wurlitzer - 3700 Americana jukebox Pilot Productions The Haunting of Nancy Drew Mar, 2019
Gottlieb - Abra-Cadabra pinball, Atari - Primal Rage & Toobin video games Gimley Prod Lost Boys pilot Mar, 2019
Stern - Gamatron pinball, Atari - Millipede cocktail video game Virgin River S01E01 Grace Valley Bar Mar, 2019
Atari - Pole Position & Vindicators, Konami - Main Event video games Marathon Park Prod. Ink Season 1 Feb, 2019
Stern - Cheetah & Lightning pinballs Pico Production The Good Doctor Season 2 Feb, 2019
AMI - JAH-100 jukebox, 3 x Wurlitzer red button wallboxes, and 7 x Wurlitzer green wallboxes Supernatural 5 Film Inc.   Jan, 2019
AMI - JBH-120 jukebox Web of Dreams Prod   Jan, 2019
Wurlitzer - 3700 Americana jukebox Gravity Productions Twilight Zone Jan, 2019
Seeburg - DS160 jukebox Marathon Park Prod Ink Season 1 Jan, 2019
Zaccaria - Farfalla pinball, JohnsJukes - Tankers & Kanga video games Bad Angels Prod   Jan, 2019
AMI -JAI-100 jukebox I Zombie Prod.   Dec, 2018
6 x Seeburg wallboxes Man In The High Castle - Reunion   Nov, 2018
Atari - KANGAROO (Greeked), FIRE ESCAPE (Greeked), Allied Leisure MONTE CARLO (Greeked) The Capitral Media Co. - SHINE   Nov, 2018
Wurlitzer AMERICANA 3700 jukebox & Wurlitzer ZODIAC 3500 jukebox Gravity Prod - THE TWILIGHT ZONE   Nov, 2018
Stern - LIGHTNING, Pinstar - GAMATRON pinball, Wurlitzer 3500 Zodiac jukebox Water Tower Prod - THE FLASH   Nov, 2018
NSM PRESTIGE jukebox First Cut Prod - CHARMED   Nov, 2018
Stern CHEETAH pinball Beckman Prod - ARROW S07E10 Nov, 2018
Rowe RB-8 45 record bubbler jukebox I ZOMBIE Films   Oct, 2018
Rockola 1455 jukebox GEP - THE INBETWEEN   Oct, 2018
Stern METEOR pinball I ZOMBIE Films   Sept, 2018
Rowe CD-100-D jukebox Film Group TV CREDIT KARMA   Sept, 2018
Rowe CD100-D jukebox GEP Prod - RESIDENT ALIEN   Sept, 2018
NSM PRESTIGE jukebox First Cut Prod. CHARMED S01E05 "Dive Bar" Sept & Oct, 2018
Stern CHEETAH pinball Detour 4 Prod. TBS Set 310 "Dive Bar" Sept, 2018
Rockola 1455 jukebox, 15 Wurlitzer wallboxes Gravity Prod.   Sept, 2018
Zaccaraia PINBALL CHAMP pinball game Hedgehog Film Prod CASINO NIGHT   Spet, 2018
Rockola 1456 jukebox 137 Prod - SUPERGIRL   July, 2018
Rowe RB-8 45 record bubbler jukebox ADVENTURES OF SABRINA S01E05 Spellman Botanical Room May, 2018
Atari KANGAROO & VINDICATORS video games, Allied MONTE CARLO arcade game Valley of the Boom - Netscape   Apr & May, 2018
Rowe RB-8 45 record bubbler Olaf 2 Prod. A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS Soda Shop May, 2018
Stern METEOR pinball, Wurlitzer wallbox Sacred Lies (Flamingo Lodge) Apr, 2018
Rockola 1455 jukebox Garage Sale Mystery E13 - THE MASKED MURDER Mar, 2018
Rockola 1455 jukebox & 5 Seeburg wallboxes Supernatural 5 Films   Feb, 2017
Stern FLIGHT 2000 pinball No Tell Prod   Feb, 2017
5 Seeburg wallboxes, Seeburg DS160 jukebox Supernatural 5 Films S13E17 Diner interior Jan, 2018
Slot Machine - purple ARROW S6   Jan, 2018
Misc. arcade materials, cash boxes, etc. Purple Harvest - DEADPOOL 2   Jan, 2018
Seeburg KD200 jukebox Silver Strand Prod. DC LEGENDS   Jan, 2018
Rowe RB-8 bubbler jukebox Zee Studios - THIS WALLS (pilot)   Jan, 2018
Stern METEOR, FLIGHT 2000, and Pinstar GAMATRONpinballs Watertower Prod - THE FLASH - S4   Dec, 2017
Wurlitzer Americana jukebox Six 2 North Prod Rocking Lasso (cowboy bar) Oct, 2017
Pinstar GAMATRON pinball GEP - THE ARRANGEMENT Interior studio Sept, 2017
5 Seeburg 200 selection wallboxes, 5 Wurlitzer wallboxes X-Files Prod.   Sept, 2017
LCD countertop, Pinstar GAMATRON pinball Bad Angels Prod. BEYOND E0105 - Jig Stick Bar Sept, 2017
Rockola 1455 jukebox Supernatural   Sept, 2017
Wurlitzer 3700 jukebox ICE Prod. Biker bar Aug, 2017
Rowe RB-8 45 record bubbler jukebox RSG Prod RICHARD SAYS GOODBYE   Aug, 2017
Seeburg KD200 jukebox, Coors Light & CoorsSilver Bullet neon signs Stiletto Cinema Partners Inc. Avalanche Bar set Aug, 2017
Wurliter 3500 jukebox (Zodiac) TCF prod. DEADPOOL 2   Sept, 2017
Fischer SKYHAWK pinball Lone House Films Ltd. Fatal Visit   Aug, 2017
Rowe RB-8 45 record bubbler jukebox Silverstrand Prod DC Legends S3 Eer Garden Aug, 2017
Rockola 1455 jukebox RSG Prod RICHARD SAYS GOODBYE   Aug, 2017
Wurlitzer 1600A jukebox SSD 8 MOW - SIGNED SEALED & DELIVERED   July, 2017
6 Wurlitzer wallboxes Bad Angels Prod. BEYOND Season 2   July, 2017
3 x green & 1 red Wurliter wallboxes All The Boys Prod.   July 2017
Multicade, Arkanoid, Vindicators video games Inner Voice Prod. - Nickleodeon School Jul, 2017
Seeburg KD200 jukebox Bad Angels Prod. BEYOND Season 2   Jun, 2017
12 Wurlitzer Wallboxes (mini jukeboxes - counter) Shadow Lake Films RIVERDALE S2   Jun, 2017
12 Wurlitzer Wallboxes (mini jukeboxes - counter) Bad Angels Prod. BEYOND Season 2   May, 2017
Seeburg SE100 jukebox, Zombie Tickle Fight video Helsing S2 Prod.   May, 2017
Seeburg KD200 jukebox Altered Carbon Prod (Netflix) AI Union Hall S01E06 Apr, 2017
Rowe CD100D jukebox Hard Powder Canada Inc. Blizzard Pub May, 2017
Wurlitzer 1600A jukebox Bronsdreka Films Speculative Commercial - Coca Swing Apr, 2017
Data Easst TIME MACHINE pinball Somewhere Beyond Prod.   Apr, 2017
12 Wurlitzer Wallboxes (mini jukeboxes - counter) Bad Angels Prod. BEYOND Season 2   Apr, 2017
Seeburg KD200 jukebox Pico Prod DOOMSDAY Interior Tech Firm Mar, 2017
Pinstar GAMATRON, Stern STRIKER EXTREME VBC Pilot Prod. WISDOM OF THE CROWD Hive Lounge/Fun Room Mar, 2017
OUTZONE, BATTLEZONE, MARS (pinball) and GRANNY and the GATORS Arrow Abaondoned arcade S05E19 Mar, 2017
Rowe BUBBLER 45 record jukebox Ball Park Productions   Feb, 2017
Seeburg KD200 jukebox Supernatural   Jan, 2017
Robotron cocktail Supernatural   Dec, 2016
Sinistar, Stargate, Toobin, Spy Hunter, Joust, Defender, Vindicators, Gauntlett, Robotron c/t, Stargate, Off Road Supernatural Arcade set Oct, 2016
Atari - ASTEROIDS DELUXE upright video First Cut Prod. NO TOMORROW   Oct, 2016
John's Jukes Shop and JR (fun working with you Mickey) HP commercial (Hewlett Packard, not the sauce) Nerdy guy's shop Oct, 2016
Gottlieb MARS, Rowe CD jukebox, Japanese PACHISLO BATES MOTEL Season 5   Sept, 2016
Seeburg KD-200 jukebox STORY OF A GIRL   Sept, 2016
Various video games, Gottlieb MARS pinball, Atari BATTLEZONE video HALLEY DEAN MYSTERIES (Hallmark)   Aug, 2016
10 x Wurlitzer WALLBOXES RIVERDALE Season 1 Diner scenes Aug, 2016 - Feb, 2017
Wurlitzer 3500 Zodiac Big Fat Liar 2   Aug, 2016
Rowe RB-8 bubbler PROJECT DUDE (working title?) - filmgroup (TV)   Aug, 2016
Antique Apparatus RB-8CD jukebox AFTERMATH (- productions West ULC)   July 2016
Seeburg KD-200, 8 x Wurlitzer wallboxes FLASH S03E02 July 2016
Various games Sparetime Fun Center sumer rental for kids summer 2016
Wurlitzer 1600 jukebox WOODY WOODPECKER - Woody Can Inc.   June 2016
NSM PRESTIGE jukebox DEAD OF SUMMER - Stage 49 Ltd. Bar interior June, 2016
Wallboxes x 4 BOUNDARIES ( - Pictures Inc) Diner May, 2016
Rowe MM1 jukebox JUGGERNAUT (DEATH NOTE/PRISON BREAK) - Forlorn Hope Productions   May, 2016
VOGUE pinball MIRANDA'S RIGHTS -GEP productions   Apr, 2016
Gottlieb SUPER SCORE, PINBALL POOL, ChiCoin SOUND STAGE pinballs WHEN WE RISE- Stage 49 Ltd. Teen homeless shelter set Apr, 2016
Seeburg 201, and 6 Wallboxes Supernatural season 5 S11E21 Mar, Apr, 2016
15 Wurlitzer Wallboxes, Rowe RB-8 bubbler jukebox, Gottlieb PINBALL POOL pinball RIVERDLE - pilot   Mar, 2106
Seeburg DS-160 jukebox Supernatural season 5 E1120 Mar, 2016
1930s pinbal games LIGHTNING and VOUGE PICO Productions   Mar, 2016
Seeburg SE-100 jukebox Supernatural season 5 E1119 - interior bar Feb, 2016
Wurlitzer Wallbox Rodney Graham Studios   Feb, 2016
"LOBSTER" & "ZOMBIE" video games MANNY - Bright Light Productions Marina set Feb, 2016
Seeburg DS-160 jukebox Miller Hi-Life ad   Feb, 2016
Antique Aparatus CD-100 jukebox JOSEE - Acte 2 Productions Canada Place Maleskina Room Feb, 2016
Rowe MM1 jukebox I ZOMBIE tv show S02E15 - Snake Eyes - dive bar Jan, 2016
Gottlieb VOLCANO pinball, Rowe RB-8CD jukebox SPECTRUM - Circle Productions Man Cave Jan, 2016
"LOBSTER" & "ZOMBIE" video games I ZOMBIE Films S02E13 Bar Dec, 2015
Gottlibe VOLCANO, CIRCUS Tom Boy Productions   Dec, 2015
COMPUTER PACHINKO COLOSSAL - Toyfight Prod. Korean bar set Nov, 2015
Wurlitzer 1800 wallbox My So Called Wife (pilot)   Dec, 2015


TOM BOY Pinball Wizard set Nov, 2015
Gottlieb CIRCUS pinball,
Wurlitzer 3500 jukebox
Deadpool (working title was Wham) Bar set - someone thrown on pinball (plexiglass instead of glass) Oct, 2015
Home pinball, Jennings Indian Head slot machine "Love On The Sidelines" Goal Post Productions Danny's House (Langley, BC) Oct, 2015
Crush Roller cocktail video
Stern FREEFALL pinball
"Colossal" Toyflight Productions Bar set Oct, Nov, 2015
AMI/Rowe MM1 jukebox "Lucifer" Lightbringer Films   Sept, 2015
Stern SOUND STAGE pinball "Legends of Tomorrow" Waverider Productions Int. bar 1975 Sept, 2015
Rowe Bubbler Dashing Productions (Hallmark production) Bar set Aug, 2015
Stern FREEFALL pinball "Arrow" Oliver Queen Films   Jul, 2015
Seeburg 201 jukebox The Man In The High Castle   Jul, 2015
Wurlitzer 1600 ACTR Productions "A Christmas To Remember" Dasher's Pub and Diner Apr, 2015
AMI/ROWE MM1 jukebox Supernatural S10   Apr, 2015
Main Event, Champion Street Fighter II, Bad Dudes, Arkanoid, Toobin video games
Deadpool (working title was Wham) Arcade set Mar, 2015
Gottlieb VOLCANO, TIME LINE, SINBAD pinballs The Flash S01   Mar, 2015
Rowe Bubbler - modified The Flash - Central City Films Bar scene Mar, 2015
Rowe Bubbler jukebox
Street Fighter video
Further Adventures in Babysitting Mario's Pizza Mar, 2015
Wurl 3500 Supernatural Suzies Bar/Tavern Mar, 2015
Home pinball
WCS94 pinball
TCF Productions "Dead Pool" (WHAM) Chucky Cheeze Mar, 2015
Wurlitzer 3500 jukebox WHAM Productions Bar set Mar, 2015
Gottlieb SINBAD pinball
Full Flood Pictures Inc. Bar Mar, 2015
Rowe Bubbler RB-8 jukebox Partners film BMW job PF15-03 Feb, 2015
Big Top gumball, Alladin pachislo, Gottlieb STRIKES & SPARES "Forced Entry" Entry Productions Games room set Feb, 2015
Neo-Geo & Street Fighter videos FLASH - Central City Films Bowling alley set Dec, 2014
Pioneer CD jukebox I Zombie films Interior bar Dec, 2014
Wurlitzer wallboxes (4) "Arrow" Oliver Queen film   Nov, 2015
Wallboxes, NSM PRESTIGE Line On The Line Diner set Nov, 2014

Midway SEA WOLF video
Will. empty shell pinball
Recel LADY LUCK shell
KLAX video

Invasion Productions "Falling Skies"   Nov, 2014
Seeburg DS160 Supernatural   Nov, 2014

Stern GALAXY pinball
Seeburg HF100R jukebox

Life On The Line Prod. Inc. Bar scene Oct, 2014
NSM PRESTIGE 160A jukebox BATES MOTEL S03E01 or 02 Interior bar scene Oct, 2014
Wurlitzer 3600 jukebox Supernatural S10   Sept, 2014
Seeburg M100C jukebox Zombie 2 Films - I ZOMBIE S01E03 Smitty's bar Sept, 2014
Seeburg HF100R jukebox G.E.P. Productions - Girlfriends Guide To Divorce Moroccan bar set Aug 2014
AMI/Rowe MM6 jukebox Supernatural S10E03   Aug, 2014
NSM PRESTIGE jukebox Supernatural S10E03 Interior bar scene Aug, 2014
Stern GALAXY pinball, Gottlieb BIG BRAVE pinbal G.E.P. Productions - Girlfriends Guide To Divorce S01E03 - Bowling Alley June, 2014
Rowe bubbler, Stern FREEFALL pinball, Nutting Assoc. blue COMPUTER SPACE Ringaling Productions - Behind the Hit The Max (set) Jun, 2014
Stern Galaxay pinball Ringaling Productions - Behind the Hit Mark Paul's dressing room June, 2014
Wurlitzer 3500 Jukebox Formula "M" Productions Montanas Restaurant May, 2014
Wurlitzer 1600 Grace Point Dean's Brothers' Restaurant Apr, 2014
Seeburg HF100R Nine Productions - Intruder Ivanhoe Hotel set Mar, 2014
NSM Jukebox Front St. Prod. - Christmas Tree Farm   Mar, 2014
Seeburg HR100R Jukebox OhSay Productions (Disney)   Mar, 2014
Wurlitzer 2500 Jukebox, Stern Galaxy Pinball Nine Productions - Intruder   Feb, 2014
Battlezone, Street Fighter II, Big Buck Hunter White House Design Co.   Dec, 2013
Seeburg SCD-1 CD Jukebox Flying Car Productions - Almost Human Dive Bar S01E10 (Simon Says) Nov, 2013
Seeburg SPS160 Jukebox GEP Productions "Bates Motel"   Nov, 2013
Seeburg DS160 Jukebox Supernatural 5 Film Productions Dive Bar Oct, 2013
NSM FESTIVAL Jukebox Supernatural 5 Film Productions City Bar Oct, 2013
Seeburg M100A Jukebox Supernatural 5 Film Productions Dive Bar S09E05 Oct, 2013
Williams RIVERBOAT GAMBLER Ad - ASUS Computers by Means of Production   Sept, 2013
Bally SEA RAY pinball The Witches of East End Bar set "Bent Elbow", S01E04 Aug, 2013
NSM Festival Special Delivery Teleproductions   July, 2013
Rockola 1454 Once Upon A Time Rabbit Hole set Feb, 2013
Rowe/AMI MM1 Once Upon A Time HK Bar, set 218.217 Feb, 2013
NSM Performer Grand CD Bates Motel Episode 108.50, Int. Bal Jan, 2013
Rockola 1454 Horns Project Diner Nov, 2012
Wurlitzer 1600A Bates Motel Interior Cafe Nov, 2012
Stern NINE BALL Community Films   Nov, 2012
Seeburg DS160 Jukebox, Wurlitzer 1650 Jukebox Supernatural 5 Episode 807 Oct, 2012
Rowe MM1, Bally SILVERBALL MANIA, VAMPIRE, JOUST & GRAND SLAM, Stern BIG GAME & NINE BALL The Horns Project O'Hara Bar (Squamish Chieftan) Oct, 2012
Wurlitzer 2300 Supernatural 5 Abandoned Diner E807 Sept, 2012
Wurlitzer 1600 Psych S07E0? July, 2012
Wurlitzer WALLBOXES, 1650 Jukebox Level Up   May, 2012
Wurlitzer OMT-45 Psych S07E02 May, 2012
Bally GRAND SLAM, Williams STARGATE, SPACE MISSION I.C.E. CHEXX CONTINUM - Timely Productions S01E08 Apr, 2012
Wurlitzer 2600 Red Machine   Jan 2012
Wurl WALLBOXES Killing 2 Diner Episode 205 Jan, 2012
Bally GRAND SLAM pinball Shaw Cable ad   Dec, 2011
NSM Prestige Fairly Legal   Nov, 2011
Wurlitzer 2600 Alcatraz   Oct 2011
3 Wurlitzer wallboxes Santa Pups   Oct 2011
Wurl 1650 jukebox West Side Story @ Queen Elizibeth Theatre - Vancouver, BC   Sept - Nov 2011
Wurlitzer 1600 jukebox Eureka   Aug 2011
Bally 777 slot machine, Pachislo token machine Sons & Daughters - BC Lottery Advertisment   Aug 2011
Rowe Bubbler 45 jukebox Eureka   Aug 2011
Seeburg HF100R jukebox Once Upon A Time/Stage 49 Ltd   July - Dec 2011
3 Wurlitzer wallboxes Level Up   June 2011
Nutting COMPUTER SPACE, Williams TAXI pinball The Haunting Hour, S2 Drive-in concession - creature feature set. June 2011
Nutting COMPUTER SPACE Level Up - Lords Production   May 2011
Vectorbeam SPACE WAR Recoil (Film)   May 2011
Rowe Bubbler 45 jukebox The Killing   Feb 2011
Bally TIMEZONE pinball Sardo Project - GEP Productions   Feb 2011
MsPac cocktail, Bally TIME ZONE, Nutting COMPUTER SPACE (blue), Vectorbeam SPACE WAR Alcatraz - Pilot   Jan 2011
Wurlitzer 3500 jukebox Fringe Season 3   Dec 2010
Wurlitzer CD Bubbler Hiccups Season 2   Oct 2010
Rowe/AMI jukebox Supernatural S6   Oct 2010
Rowe Bubbler 45 jukebox Human Target? You-Store-It bay Sept 2010
Rowe Bubbler 45 jukebox Psych - GEP Productions Diner E512 Sept 2010
NSM Prestige Cold Rock Productions Diner scene Aug 2010
Rowe/AMI jukebox LY Produtions Set Pizza Joint E203 Aug 2010
Wurl 100 (no mechanism) Eureka Season 4 Cafe Diem episode 12 July 2010
Bubbler Jukebox Hellcat   July 2010
Rowe Bubbler 45 jukebox Eureka Season 4 Diner May 2010
Seeburg SCD-1 jukebox Jennifer Love Hewitt Project (Untitled) Phil & Dee's Bar May 2010
NSM Prestige Supernatural   Feb 2010
Asteroids video upright On Demand Productions Network   Dec 2009
Seeburg CDJukebox (silver) Pretty Little Liars   Dec 2009
Seeburg CDJukebox (silver) Chaotic Productions B-Diner Nov 2009
Wurlitzer 1600 Hiccups (Brent Butt) Millies condo (S01E02) Oct 2009
Keeny BAND LEADER pinball Marmaduke   July 2009
Ms Pacman, Mario Bros, Black Hole pinball, Genie pinball, Meteor pinball, Fun House pinball, Laser Ghost, Jungle Lord pinball, Fire pinball, NSM Prestige, Galaga, Donkey Kong Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Casino set July 2009
Street Fighter, Donkey Kong, Battlezone (Sargent Salvo), Pacman, Computer Space, Mario Bros, Road Champion (Tricky Maneuver), Dynamo Cabinet (many were converted by Hot Tube to alternate artwork - Kookla Fran Koola, MARS, Kick Dead) Hot Tub Time Machine Lodge arcade room June 2009
Chexx Bubble Hockey rented, plus they purchased (and we bought many back) over 40 games. Atari games were not well represented due to egregous licencing fees (only a couple used even though more were bought), various Nintendo games, plus many 1970/80s posters from our arcade background stockpile... TRON Legacy Flynn's Arcade set Apr 2009
NSM Prestige jukebox American Pie #7 BAND CAMP (Brother In The Woods)   Apr 2009
NSM Prestige jukebox Smokin' Aces 2   Feb 2009
Wurlitzer Wallboxes Supernatural Films Episode 418 - Diner interior Jan 2009
Wurlitzer 1600 jukebox Eureka Cafe Diem Jan 2009
Wurlitzer 1600 jukebox Reaper Productions   Dec 2008
Atari - Hard Drivin' & Seeburg Wallboxes Phantom Racer   Oct, 2008
Williams "Fire" & "Fun House", Seeburg 201 Jukebox Helsing Productions "Stan Helsing"   July 2008
Wurlitzer "OMT-45" classic jukebox. Museum Canada Productions Ltd. "Night in the Museum -Battle of the Smithsonian" Castle Commons July 2008
Williams "Diner", "Hyperball", & "Fire" pinballs. Alloy Productions Inc. "Spectacular"   May 2008
Williams "Getaway" & "Fire" pinballs.
Seeburg KD200 Jukebox, Midway "Golden Arm" arcade game
Gentle Canada Productions Ltd. "Jennifer's Body"   May 2008
Wurlitzer 1600 Jukebox Royal Musical Theatre - play West Side Story Apr. 2008
Bally "Hotdoggin" pinball Third Tribe Productions   Feb 2008
Seeburg KD200 Jukebox Veidt Ent. "The Watchmen" Mafia Bar Dec 2007
5 Seeburg Wallboxes Sons & Daughters Productions - Kokanee Beer TV Ad "Smile Diner" Nov 2007
NSM "Prestige" & Rock-Ola "Princess" "KILL SWITCH" "Higher Form of Learning" (working title)

Princess - Mojo Bar,
Prestige - Gaby's Country Bar

Nov 2007
NSM "Festival" Jukebox Veidt Ent. "The Watchmen" Happy Harry's Bar Nov, 2007
Seeburg Wallboxes Joy Ride II:Dead Ahead Diner Oct. 2007
Wurlitzer 1600 Jukebox "It Came From Outer Space" (working title) Ghola Films Production (on location as of Sept 22, 2007) Lucky's Diner Sept 2007
Seeburg KD200 Jukebox Kyle XY - Kyle Productions Season II Episode 222 - Diner set. Sept. 2007
Seeburg KD200 Jukebox Kyle XY - Kyle Productions Season II Episode 213 - Diner set. June 2007
Wurlitzer "OMT-45" classic jukebox The 4400 - TV series Mar 2007
Gumball Machine ZIX Productions Feb 2007
NSM "Festival" Jukebox FALLEN - Bad Angels Productions   Oct 2006
Williams HIGH SPEED & Gottlieb SOLAR RIDE pinballs Crossroads: A Story Of Forgiveness - working title Road To Redemption - BPI Road Productions - TV movie Oct 2006
Wurlitzer OMT-45 Jukebox & Recel MR. EVIL Pinball Blood Ties - Bitter Productions Sep 2006
Wurlitzer "OMT-45" classic jukebox Supernatural - TV series Aug 2006
Galaxian III cocktail & Universal SPACE PANIC video games Masters Of Science Fiction TV show July 2006
Seeburg KD200 Jukebox 3 Moons Over Milford TV show Red Ruby Cafe set June 2006
Wurlitzer 1600 Jukebox White Noise Productions White Noise 2 Apr 2006
Gottleib FLIPPER CLOWN Ghost Rider - Grand Slam Productions Loft set Apr 2006
Seeburg wallboxes (4) Blade Season 1 - TV series Mar 2006
Bally XENOPHOBE & Atari ASTEROIDS video games Supernatural - TVseries Feb 2006
Computer PACHINKO Nickleback music video - Luper Productions Jan 2006
NSM "Prestige" jukebox Godiva's - Bread & Butter #2 - TV drama - Telefilm Nov 2005  
"Foosball" table Reunion (Six Lives Films) 2005
Seeburg "wallboxes" Code Name: The Cleaner 2005
WMS "Black Knight", "Pennant Fever", "Super Star", Seeburg "SS160" Reunion (Six Lives Films) - TV series several 2005
Rockola "Princess" jukebox, Kenny "Band Leader" pinball Whisper Productions: Helion(?) 2005
Seeburg "SS160", "CD-ESCD-1" jukeboxes, "Foosball", "Screwball", Bally "Xenophobe", Williams: "Comet", "Slug Fest", "Pennant Fever", "Super Star", Game Plan "Lady Sharpshooter She's The Man 2005
Wurlitzer "OMT-45" classic jukebox Love It or Lose It - home make-over series 2005
NSM "Consul" The "L" Word - TV series Boxcar Bertha's 2005
"Computer Pachinko", 5 "Pachinko" machines Verizon commercial 2005
5 Seeburg "Wallboxes" Eureka 2005
Wurlitzer "OMT-45" classic jukebox Bear Studios Labatts' Blue ad 2005
Williams: "Pennant Fever", "Super Star", Bally "Xenophobe", Sega "Outrun Green Dot Films 2005
"Arkanoid", Bally "Xenophobe", Sega "Monaco GP"& "Super Masters", Atari "Assault"& "Tetris", "Buster Bros", Williams "Pennant Fever"  Radke Films 2005
"Metal Typer" Personal Effects 2004
4 "Pachinko" machines Pryor Offenses Comedy club 2004
Seeburg "CD-Blue" jukebox, "Computer Pachinko" Doing it Productions 2004
NSM "Consul" The Muppets "Wizard Of Oz" 2004
Stern "Stars" pinball Bloodsuckers - Dega Prod. 2004
Williams "Pin-Bot" Neverwas - Neverwas Productions 2004
NSM "Consul" jukebox Miss Texas 2004
Seeburg "wallboxes" (4) Global Frequency 2004
NSM "Consul" jukebox Desolation Sound - Sleepwalker Films Ralph's Bar (Sechelt) 2004
NSM "Consul" jukebox Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants - Travelling Pant Productions 2004
Seeburg blue "CD-1" jukebox Edison Productions 2004
Seeburg "CD-1" jukebox Chaotic Productions 2004
Bally "Game Show", "World Cup Soccer" A Perfect Match - The Magic Bubble Company 2004
Williams "Jungle Lord" Tommy/Totem Park Musical Productions (UBC) 2004
Pacman 13" cocktail and small countertop game Miller Lite commercial/Circle Productions 2003
NSM "Consul" jukebox "The L Word" Earthlings - season 1  2003
Rock-ola Princess jukebox Naked Goddess Productions - live theatre here in Vancouver, BC 2003
Wurlitzer 2150 jukebox Dead Like Me TV series 2003
Rowe/AMI TI-2 jukebox Connie and Carla 2003
United "Summer Time", Keeny "Band Leader" Twilight Zone 2003
Seeburg "wallboxes" Chinese Checkers - ITD Productions - TV series 2003
Williams "Wild Life" Uncle Randy Productions - local theatre here in Vancouver, BC 2002
Street Fighter 2, Grappler Twilight Zone Episode #118 2002
1920's radio horn speaker, battery DeForest radio Good Boy! - Cub Seven Productions 2002
Rowe/AMI "MM5" jukebox The Butterfly Effect Hilltop Diner 2002
Wurlitzer "OMT-45" classic jukebox Carrie Productions Inc 2002
Bally "8-Ball" playfield Green Dot Films 2002
Seeburg wallboxes They 2002
Wurlitzer "OMT-45" classic jukebox Dead Zone - TV series 2002
Wurlitzer "OMT-45" classic jukebox The Santa Claus II 2002
Williams "Comet", Gottlieb "Cleopatra", Stern "Big Game" The Core I've looked, but can't see these anywhere in the film - perhaps they were cut... 2002
Nintendo "Donkey Kong" A Guy Thing /Cub Four Productions Pinky's Laundry 2002
Gottlieb "Cleopatra" & "Counterforce" My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star - working title The Young Person's Guide To Becoming A ROCK STAR ? 2001
Williams "Road Racer" old arcade game Chris Isaak Show ? 2001
Wurlitzer "3700" (Americana) jukebox Wolf Lake (Raianna Prod.) ? 2001
NSM "Consul" jukebox Glory Days (Without a Paddle Ltd.) ? 2001
Williams "Jungle Lord" sold... Smallville Cafe 2001
Stern "Nine-Ball" pinball: here are some shots of it on set (that's the back of the director enjoying his lunch), side view, outside of cafe, street signage Smallville (Superboy) Cafe... 2001
Wurlitzer "OMT-45" classic jukebox Mysterious Ways (M. Ways Productions) TV show ? 2001
Rowe/AMI "MM5" jukebox K-9 III ? 2001
7 Seeburg wallboxes "They" Pictures Ltd. ? 2001
Stern "Catacomb" pinball Strange Frequency - Mini series ? 2001
Wurlitzer " OMT-45" classic jukebox Millenium - TV series ? 2001
Rowe/AMI "MM5" jukebox First Shot - working title was Hidden Target ? 2001
Wurlitzer " OMT-45" classic jukebox Seven Days - TV Johnny's Cafe 2001
NSM "Prestige" jukebox Insomnia - Sleepless Productions Alaskan shanty bar 2001
Rowe/AMI "MM5" jukebox Snow Dogs aka Winterdance 2001
Midway "Space Invaders Deluxe", Atari "Asteroids Deluxe", Williams "Joust" video games Bad Haircut Donut Shop 2001
United "Summertime" pinball game Dot Com the movie? - not sure if this is the correct link/feature name
Gottlieb "Bone Busters", Gottlieb "Black Hole", Stern "Lectronamo" pinball games Chris Isaak Show Yola's office (Chris's music agent at IKONN) 2000
Allied Leisure "Unscramble", Pong (round), Atari "Tempest" video games Free Productions 2000
Midway "Space Encounters", Sente "Stocker", Atari "Battlezone" video games Los Luchadores -TV series Tornado's 2000

AMI "G-120" jukebox (looks like the juke gets shot just above the record rack!), octagonal Pong style game, Pacman cocktail table, Tempest cocktail table, 

Out Cold aka Ten To One - Sugar Mountain Productions Ltd. 2000
Seeburg Wallboxes (1956), Rowe/AMI MM5 jukebox, Williams "Joust" video game, AMI "G-120" jukebox, Bally "Frontier" pinball, Gottlieb "Amazon Hunt", Stern "Catacomb", 8-sided PONG table The Fearing Mind TV series several sets.. 2000
Seeburg VL-200 jukebox Freedom - TV series pilot 2000
Slot Machine - Jennings 'Sun Chief' Cheats working title Cheaters Handsome's basement 2000
Wurlitzer OMT-45 (The Bubbler) jukebox American Gold?? Hard Rock Cafe (Gastown) 2000
Williams "Black Night" pinball Tilt (Starstruck Pictures Inc.) (Movie) 2000
Williams Earthshaker pinball, ICE CHEXX hockey Mysterious Ways - TV series 103/J Dorm Party room 2000
Wurlitzer 2300 jukebox Going to California 2000
Gottlieb "Super Orbit", "Black Hole", Stern "Flight 2000" pinballs, Wurlitzer "Carnegie" jukebox Dark Angel Bar scene 2000
NSM Prestige 120 jukebox Get Carter 1999
Gottlieb "Sinbad", "Solar City" pinballs The Sports Pages - TV series 70's Bar scene shown perhaps in December 1999
Wurlitzer 2300 jukebox Scary Movie (Scream if You Know) In the balcony slasher scene-(on the side of the juke it says "Park At Rear") 1999
Gottlieb "Counterforce", "Bad Girls" pinballs Cold Feet - TV series 1999
Seeburg "HF100R" jukebox Secret Agent Man (TV) Sleeper episode (view late Oct) 1999
Gottlieb "Bad Girls", "Counterforce", "Target Alpha", Williams "Cyclone" pinballs Seven Days Season 2 - TV series 1999
Williams "Star Series" Baseball PARTNERS - TV series 1999
Wurlitzer OMT-45, AMI RI-83 jukeboxes Millennium - TV series 1999
Wurlitzer OMT-45 bubbler jukebox The Net (TV) 12th episode- SOHO Cafe 1998
Game Plan "Lizard" pinball Killer App 1998
Game Plan "Lizard" pinball Millennium 1998
Wurlitzer OMT-45 jukebox Millennium 1998
Wurlitzer 2150 jukebox The Outer Limits 1998
6 wallboxes-jukebox counter The Sentinel 1998
6 wallboxes X-Files Diner-episode 5X11 1998
Williams "Fairway", Gottlieb "Stagecoach" pinballs THREE Productions 1997
6 Wallboxes Big & Harry 1997
Wurlitzer  OMT-45 jukebox Millennium 1997
2 Seeburg & 2 AMI "Music" wallboxes X-Files 1997
Wurlitzer 2150 jukebox Viper 1997
Jukebox (?) Outer Limits 1997
Genco "Springtime" pinball Viper (Season II) 1997
Williams "The Getaway" pinball Circle Productions 1997
Wurlitzer  OMT-45 jukebox Shattered Image, Firecorp II Productions 1997
Wurlitzer  OMT-45 jukebox Millennium Hamish 1997
Seeburg SE100 jukebox Millennium 1997
Wurlitzer OMT-45, Bally "VECTOR", Gottlieb "Black Hole" pinballs High Stakes 1997
Wurlitzer  OMT-45 jukebox Sentinel 1996
Gottlieb "Hollywood Heat" (backglass artwork replaced with steam locomotive, this had a bit of red gell that could be lit.) Poltergeist: The Legacy 1996
Atari "Gauntlet II", "Final Blow", Midway "Space Zap", Taito "Elevator Action" videos. Bally "Rapid Fire" Poltergeist: The Legacy 1996
Old pinball and game test fixtures, and misc electronic stuff... Red Motel Pictures 1996
4 Wurlitzer wallboxes Red Motel Pictures 1996
Stern "Pinball" pinball Sliders 1996
Williams "Darling", Gottlieb "Dragon", & "Flying Chariots" pinballs Rumble in the Bronx 1995
AMI jukebox Far From Home: Adventures of Yellow Dog - Yellow Dog Picture Co. 1993
Gottlieb "Totem" & "Charlie's Angels" pinballs Tool shed Productions 1993
Gottlieb "Humpty Dumpty" & "Dragonette" pinballs, Rockola jukebox and 6 wallboxes Highlander 1993
Gottlieb "Cleopatra" & "Totem" pinballs X-files 1993
Wurlitzer 1100 jukebox, Gottlieb "Charlie's Angles" (they bought eventually) Spelling Television 1993
Atari "Gauntlet" video game Jane's House (TV) 1993
AMI TI-1 jukebox Nighttide 1992
Rockola jukebox and 9 wallboxes Silent Motive 1991
Seeburg M100C jukebox, Stern "Freefall" & Williams "Stratoflight" pinballs McGiver (TV) 1991
6 Wurlitzer wallboxes Nightmare Cafe 1991
? (not sure what we rented...some pinball game(s)?...) Still Not Quite Human (Movie) 1990
Sega STAR TREK video Barkoff Productions 1990
Williams GULF STREAM, Bally BULLFIGHT, Stern FLIGHT 2000 Crooked Hearts Production of A&M Productions (L.A.) 1990
Game Plan ATTILLA THE HUN, Rockola 1436, Midway GALAXIAN, 4 wallboxes Hillside Productions, BCTV 1990
2 AMI "MUSIC" wallboxes Circle Productions, Kira/H Films Inc 1990
Seeburg M100C jukebox Stellar Productions 1990
Wurlitzer 2100 Barkoff Productions 1990
? (not sure what we rented...some pinball game(s)?...) Bingo (Movie) 1990
Pinball....anonymous... The Accused 1988
Pinball or jukebox (no record) Stingray - TV series Cannell Films of Canada 1987
Pinball or jukebox (no record) Sirens - Pilot Cannell Films of Canada 1987

Interested in early arcades from the 1950's? Here are three pictures of a couple of typical ones in downtown Vancouver (long gone). Picture #1 is the cafeteria side, Picture #2 shows the games, and Picture #3 is a different arcade in the same area.

Reel West has been a help with their Wraps (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002) web pages to identify the actual productions as I often only had working titles when we rented the machines...

Here is a link to films shot in beautiful British Columbia and back a couple of years courtesy of REEL WEST...
And finally, here is the "MAME Video Games in the Movies" site

Pinball and other games modified for advertising and promotional purposes:

Williams BARRACORA pinball modified for "Merlin Software" (no longer in business) for use in trade shows:

Original game                                                 Re-artworked game with the artists. Barb Midtdal and Stuart McKenzie

Here are six shots of the game... #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7.
Continuing into close ups of the insides here are the: Coin door, inside the head #1, inside the head #2, under playfield on the left, underside of playfield.
Thus, you can see, games can be made to order!

Please note: This nasty modification is NOT one of ours! compaq.jpg (73188 bytes) What a rotten thing to do to a classic pinball!

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