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Pinball Games for sale.... Buy with confidence, as we can service everything we sell.

Last updated April 23, 2019

We ship anywhere on , ask for details and costs to your area! Pinball games are typically $250- $350US to ship to the , customs clearance is extra, from $150 to $250US per game. It costs about $300 Cdn. to ship a pinball or video game to, say, Toronto or $400 to a freight depot in NewFoundland. Overseas is typically $800USD and up.. insurance, packing, crating and or palleting is extra.


*** Please note new in box game pricing is subject to change based on exchange rate flucuation, please call 604-872-5757 or email us to confirm pricing. ***

Pinball games recently in: Bally: CENTAUR, PLAYBOY, FLASH GORDON, WICO's BIG TOP (made for hom), Gottlieb: FREDDY -A Nightmare On Elm Street, Williams:TERMINATOR 2 (T2), STELLAR WARS

(unless otherwise noted) All our Solid State pinball games now come with a NVRAM installed, this eliminates the risk of battery leakage! Never change batteries again! Avoid the risk of battery leakage by converting your games to NVRAM today!

Foreign exchange RATES Please use this to convert from US/Canadian funds to your currency.


Allied Leisure Industries (ALI) (no games at this time) (We fix ALI boards and have parts available - tech tips too!)

ATARI (no games at this time) (We fix Atari pinball boards, and carry several Atari parts)

We do have replacement MPU's for Bally 70's and early 80's games - The ULTIMATE MPU!

    CENTAUR (1981-10) - Folks asked for it, and now one is back in stock!

BALLY FIREBALL (1976) - Home model - no coins at all!

Classic artwork on this machine, glass playfield and cabinet are all in excellent condition.

Being overhauled - $995USD/$1295CAD

Flash Gordon arrives!
  Flash Gordon (1981) Emporer Ming Awaits! And this game awaits restoration. Some playfield wear, good cabinet, excellent backglass!
Playboy - 1978
Playboy headboard 1978
PLAYBOY (1978-12) In for a restoration job. Playfield has some issues but nothing we can't handle. Stay tuned!
  THING (1951) - more to come...
DATA EAST (We do service D.E. pinball game boards. No games at the moment)

FISCHER (We also service the boards for this game)

    SKY HAWK (1977) - NEW OLD STOCK FROM 1977 - from the Time Travel Warehouse! Only one left!

Here is the front and rear page of the original 1977 flyer!

Another shot of a new local owner - 8 years old!

Lower playfield
, upper playfield, game picture $495USD

A great starter game for kids, shipping to US or Canada is $200-$300 extra.


GAME PLAN (we do service the boards, no games at the moment)

We carry the Ni-Wumpf replacement System 1 and 80 MPUs and we service all generation Gottlieb pinball boards

ABRA-CADABRA (1975) Classic wizard theme from Gottlieb. Great layout and graphics, needs restoration. Very good playfield and backglass. Pictures are pre restored condition. $2495USD with cabinet touch ups.


CENTRAL PARK (1966) Classic wedgehead - can you score one on the monkey!

And a nice letter from our previous Central Park customer in NY, NY

$2495 USD


FREDDY A Nightmare On Elm Street (1994).

He's back and he is not happy! However you will enjoy the challenge of beating this rather nasty character at his own game - pinball!

Freddy is exceptionally clean, looks to be home use only, but has slight evidence of being operated for a short while - there are marks where the factory cash box security bar was installed. This may have been factory and removed once in the home. The folks we bought it from had purchased it from a previous home owner... I'll post pictures of the inside of this game shortly but it is getting late and I'm hungry!



FUNLAND (1968) - the carnival is in town, and this wedge head game is ready for fun!

Pictures: Upper & Lower playfield, right & left side of cabinet.

Overhauled $1995 USD

    KING PIN (1973) another Wedge-Head! Bowling theme, single player... awaiting pictures and overhaul. $1995 USD
Raven pinball

RAVEN (1984) She looks even tougher than RAMBO!

Sniper theme game, so it is not multi-ball by design! You have targets that pop up here and there on the playfield to aim at...

Pictures: Upper & Lower playfield, right & left side of cabinet.


SEGA (No SEGA machines at this time.
We are setting up a Whitestar test fixture shortly so will be able to service these and early Stern Pinball MPUs
STERN ELECTRONICS (1974 - 1985) (nothing at this time)
 we do have replacement MPU's for STERN 70's and early 80's games - The ULTIMATE MPU! 

Shipping and taxes not included in pricing, ,Unless otherwise noted all New in Box Stern machines are ordered upon request.



$5899USD Pro VAULT


CALL 604-872-5757 or email jrr at

    BATMAN 66 Premium $7999USD + shipping



The game will immerse players in a dynamic, challenging, and galactic pinball environment where Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot battle Ronan to stop him from using the Infinity Stone to destroy the galaxy.

Stern’s Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models are packed with features that provide an irresistible gameplay experience.  Each game features a sculpted and interactive ball-eating Groot.  In addition, a custom sculpted Rocket figure will keep players on their toes as it blasts the ball back at rocket speed.  Color-changing inserts highlight the mysterious and interactive Orb, which opens to reveal the powerful Infinity Stone.  The Limited Edition and Premium models also feature extra magnets, custom artwork, RGB lighting, and sculpted Groot arms that sprawl across the playfield.

For their respective flyers click on: PRO, or PREMIUM

PRO - $5999USD + shipping (out of stock)

CALL 604-872-5757 or email jrr at

Register your new Stern Pinball here for the warranty to be in effect


IRON MAIDEN - newest release - available now!

Check out for 30+ pics of this machine.

PRO - $5899USD + shipping

CALL 604-872-5757 or email jrr at

Metallica Pinball

Metallica Monsters logo


PRO - $5899USD + shipping

CALL 604-872-5757 or email jrr at


Link to factory page on METALLICA Premium games

Available now

Register your new Stern Pinball here for the warranty to be in effect



PREMIUM - $7499 USD + shipping

CALL 604-872-5757 or email jrr at

Register your new Stern Pinball here for the warranty to be in effect

  Star Trek Vault

STAR TREK - availalble now!

PRO VAULT EDITION - $5899 USD + shipping

PREMIUM VAULT EDITION - $7499 USD + shipping

Stern Star Wars

STAR WARS - available now!

PRO - $5999USD + shipping

PREMIUM - $7599USD + shipping

CALL 604-872-5757 or email jrr at

Register your new Stern Pinball here for the warranty to be in effect

WICO (home pinball games)

BIG TOP (1977)

A simple home game, a step up from Fischer's SKYHAWK (above), but not as good as Bally's FIREBALL home game.

This is a good kids game that we are finishing therestoration on - needs a lock-down bar which we are having made then we shall present it here...

WILLIAMS (we service all generations of Williams pinball boards)
Stellar Wars

STELLAR WARS (1979) - Look out STAR WARS, here comes the real battle!

Pictures: Upper & Lower playfield, right & left side of cabinet.



T2- compressed
T2-set up

TERMINATOR 2 (T2) (1991) - What can any one say but ARNIE'S BACK! And getting overhauled...

SOLD! (local)

40's & 50's Pin Tables

Chi-Coin Thing
Thing headboard

Chicago Coin (1951)- THING - Great Roy Parker artwork on this machine. Don't open the box! Game is in storage, pictures soon. $2495USD

(PS, Computer space in background has been sold)

Gottlieb®'s HAPPY DAYS - this game, besides being a classic EM woodrail game also has the distinction of being the showpiece of the 1st Pinball Machine art show - TILT Pinball Machines 1931-1958 - organized by the Dunlop Art Gallery and the Regina Public Library and conceived by Pat McCarthy. This show went around Western Canada and was a significant influence on the collecting and appreciation of machines and Pinball Art. Note this game is in the wrong body - we are looking for the correct style body shell... - $1895US

Gottlieb®'s LADY ROBIN HOOD (1948) - classic late 40s pinball. playfield and cabinet in good to very good condition, backglass needs a bit of work (6 - 7 rating) but the mirroring is good as is the artwork. Coin door, Head, Backglass detail, left side of cabinet, cabinet - $1795US
BandLeader-gm.JPG (41143 bytes)  
  Keeny's BAND LEADER (1948) - Big Band theme - 78RPM record show your score! Working fine, nice action, four pop bumpers, five kickout holes, early flipper game Lower playfield, upper playfield, left side of cabinet, right side of cabinet.- with mirrored backglass! $1195US
Williams BIG BEN (1954) Lower playfield, upper playfield, left side of cabinet, right side of cabinet, inside head - rear of cabinet ...$1395US
  Williams NIFTY (1950) body in storage - Skating theme pinball $1395US running...

1930's - The Earliest "Pins"

OddBallJr-Head.JPG (40075 bytes) OddBallJr-Body.JPG (44078 bytes)

DUVAL "Odd-Ball Junior" (1938) - now restored (pictures are 'before'), one of the smallest commercial electric games! $1295US 

We have a rather large library (2000+) of manuals and schematics for pinball and video games-copies available very reasonably priced. Here is a PDF of the list!
Please visit our shipping page for information on shipping costs and how we prepare the game. It typically costs $50US extra to box the game up.

Our Games come with manuals (if available), and in either of two conditions: "as-is" working, or Shopped - 3 month warranty on parts and labour (ask for details)
Note: the prices here reflect games that have been restored-cabinet & playfield artwork touched up, electronics all fixed and 3 month warranty on electronic circuit boards. Some pictures here are from unrestored games, but they will be touched up!
(Note: Movie star? means it was rented for TV or film. Check that page to see what it was "starring" in.)

Where to PLAY pinball (besides our showroom) in BC!

Pinball In The News (not necessarily all about John, some are our friends/customers):

A local media company did a video on makers in the Mt Pleasant area.

2017 - BBC story on Robert Gagno - our local, world renowned, Pinball Champ!
Mid 70s 60 Minutes story on Pinball, this is before Solid State pinball games!
John on CBC radio - Oct 25, 2014 - a fun interview with Willow Yamauchi for North X NorthWest show...
John on Global News
- June 19, 2014 - I'm no wizard, I leave that to Eden, Robert, and the other players in VRPA...
Pinball collector in Florida.... (June, 2014)
Jon Norris (Gottieb® pinball designer) has a blog talking about pinball
John on The Liquidators - episode "Eye Candy" 15-1/2 minutes in, skip to last segment and you should only have to watch the ads once (or twice?). JR is buying a Haunted House back in 2013 (long since sold by the way, but we get that model in from time to time - like right now, April 2018!)

Midway ROTATION VIII game owner? Do not despair! Help is available here...(well Jim's web site) - we are taking over the Rotation IV repairs and design from Jim. Hope to have more info soon!
Make your own 3D desktop PINBALL (paper scale models)
Nice story on Robert Gagno one of our local pinball wizards...

John's Jukes hosted its 2nd VRPA @ Pinball tournament on June 25th 2013.
Dallas collector Ed (from is in the news!
(June2, 2011)
Pacific Northwest Pinball & Arcade show - June 3 - June 5th in Seattle, WA
PAPA 18 - March 11 - 15, 2015! Two Vancouver area players in the world leaders - Robert Gagno and Edan Stann!
Pinball collectors worldwide!
Seattle Pinball collector catches on video theft of ball polisher package dropped off at his front door by Fedex...
Robert Gagno is now the top pinball player in Canada! Another story (Feb. 26, 2011) about Robert in "Burnaby NOW" Robert did some work experience in our shop in 2010.
Sept, 2010: Pinball Museum opens in Seattle, WA!
Facebook page
May 8th, 2010: John's Jukes/ and VRPA hosted our 1st Pinball Tournament
Pinball Around Vancouver (BC) hosted by VRPA - Where to play and list of games!
Dec 2009: Pinball collection in Milan, Italy open to the public
Nov, 2009: Another story on the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame (PHoF)
August 2009: Bill Baxton in a pinball? Very nice home-made game in progress!
July 23, 2009: Eden Stamm - Canadian Pinball Champ gives CBC radio Interview (6MB - MP3file)
July 8, 2009: Gary Stern - Stern pinball manufacturer, also gives a newspaper interview!
July 8, 2009: Steve Kordek - legendary designer of many classic pinballs gives an newspaper interview!
January, 2009: Todd MacCulloch on Pinball(Seattle Times), and an interview (MP3) with Todd on pinball on KJR-AM (Seattle)
Dec, 2008: Interview with Pat Lawlor - designer of Funhouse and many other great pins!
Greg Peck of New Mexico (the April 12th issue 2003)
Interview with John Robertson .mp3 on CBC radio (late 90s)
Cool story on pinball worth the journey, nice video there as well.
Vancouver Regional Pinball Assoc. - players of the game - they provide locations of commercial PINBALL GAMES around the LOWER MAINLAND of BC
Local story on ˙pinball from Sunday May 27, 2007 (local to Vancouver, BC that is!)
VRPA Interview on CBC radio Sept 25, 2007 (local pinball collectors assoc.)
Story about the Pinball Museum in Las Vegas (October, 2007)
PAPA(12) is coming August 13-16, 2009! And here is a great story on ESPN about the 11th tournament!
Heart & Stroke lottery in Ontario had this commercial about a pinball made by Richard Ronsenman Advertising & design (nice!)
Interview with JR by a film student at Langara College here in Vancouver (2008)
The Magnificent Marble Machine - a video recording of this 1975 Quiz Show that featured a huge pinball game!
Vancouver Film School story on John's Jukes in 2004

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