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Pinball, Video Arcade, and Jukebox Corner Game Store

Not so new address (as of May, 2017) Unit #7 - 3979 Marine Way, Burnaby, BC V5J 5E3

We are happy to ship to you via Canada Post, FedEx, DHL, truck...

Edited: May 2, 2024


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Williams - DEFENDER
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Wurlitzer 1050 - Nostalgia
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Computer Quiz

Original DEFENDER video game

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Does your game (pinball/video/jukebox) contain batteries? Check here to prevent serious problems from battery leakage!
Pages edited regularly ...Pinball service tips, Gottlieb pinball repair tips, Jukeboxes, Video games, Arcade games, and Pinball games for sale.

Game Room Posters JJPoster

SMALL FLYER or STICKER $1.00, CONCERT SIZE 11 x 17 $5.00, LARGE FORMAT GLOSSY 2ft x 3 Ft $15.00 - plus shipping and taxes.

Please email parts at with your order request.

John's Jukes Ltd.

UNIT #7 - 3979 Marine Way, Burnaby, BC V5J 5E3
phone (604)872-5757 fax (604) 872-2010
Store Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 9AM to 5:30PM (PACIFIC COAST TIME-Daylight Saving), Sunday - always closed, Mondays: Noon to 5PM.

Closed for the following Holidays: Xmas, New Years day, Easter Weekend, Victoria Day (3rd Monday in May - closed the Tuesday following), Canada Day (Closed July 1st), BC Day (1st Monday in August - closed the Tuesday following), Labour Day (1st Monday of September - closed the Tuesday following), Remembrance Day (Nov 11), Canadian Thanksgiving (2nd Monday in October - closed the Tuesday following), and when we really would rather go to the beach...

Some of our customer's game rooms...1,2,3,4,5,6, 7(Pong & Maneater in Japan),

We were located at 2343 Main Street in Vancouver from Feb. 1982 to May of 2017 (35 years!), when we moved to our new shop at 7 - 3979 Marine Way, Burnaby, and in the business of servicing games since the 70s! Prior to being at 2343 Main we were located at 4234 Main for a couple of years and before that at Main & 2nd...

We have many classic mechanical & video games for sale, plus a large library of schematics and manuals for almost any coin operated amusement game and jukebox. Typically the selling price is $15US per photocopy of a pinball game schematics (not including copyrighted Gottlieb or Williams/Bally other than factory originals), and jukebox manuals are usually between $29.95 & $49.95US. We have a large stock of components too, including some obsolete IC's, backglasses and parts for pinball games and game boards. XY Colour and B&W Monitors, power supplies, controls, cabinet parts-you name it, we either have it or probably know where to get it for you. We service what we sell: (click to jump to these areas) Arcade games, Jukeboxes, Video games, Video game boards, Pinballs, Pachinkos and more, with Gottlieb pinball as a personal favourite!

We have test fixtures for most Pinball games and many of the classic video games, e-mail us about your problem!


Please note that when you are sending game boards to us for service and if you are from outside of Canada you MUST send by Mail - PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL suggested (link for United States Postal shipping calculator) and be SURE to put a customs declaration form (sample picture), ticking "Other" only (do NOT tick Merchandise, Gift, etc.!!) and put in both "Other" and in "Detailed Description of Contents" states:



  1. Address it to JOHNS'S JUKES LTD. only! Do not put anyone's name on the package, if they insist on a name put down "Service Department". Customs is less likely to charge us fees with no personal name...
  2. Fill in the AES Exemption box as this link shows "A shipment (regardless of value) is going to Canada and does not require an export license". This will help ensure that no customs clearance charges entail (not like the $50 extra UPS/FedEx charges us!)
  3. Tic the “NOEEI § 30.37a” box in block 8 of PS Form 2976, or enter “NOEEI § 30.36” in block 10 of PS Form 2976-A (as per AES Exemption).
  4. Please do not over-value the board as it can cause Customs charges to kick in - which we then pass on to you. If it is not working, it is not worth much, really, is it? So value it at $50US or less...
  5. Please be sure to email us the tracking number and to include a cover letter in the box with your name and address and what you want us to fix and the problems you are aware of.
  6. Please check out the following packing recommendations before shipping the game board(s)

We ship anywhere in the world, ask for details and costs to your area!

Games are typically $250 - $450US to ship to the United States, customs clearance is extra, from $150 to $250US. It costs from $350 Canadian to ship a small pinball or video game to, say, Toronto... insurance, packing, crating or palleting are extra.

Please E-Mail us with suggestions, comments, etc.. but, please, no free TECHNICAL SUPPORT requests, unless you bought the game from us, as we charge $95/hour US for telephone advice.

This web page used to be much uglier - check us out on the earliest Wayback Machine capture from April 12, 1997! As you can see by the counter there had already been over 4,000 visitors to the site which I started some time in 1995...

(jrr-at-flippers-dot-com for those who do not have their browser set to open their email client)
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All information on this site is Copyright (©) 1997 through 2024 by John's Jukes Ltd.
MOVED (as of May, 2017) to 7 - 3979 Marine Way, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5J 5E3